Our Corona Virus Precautions are Ready as Bodrum Transfers

 Our Corona Virus Precautions are Ready as Bodrum Transfers

Our Preparations as Bodrum Transfers

As Bodrum transfers, we closely monitor the epidemic of covid19, we are trying to strictly follow all developments, the measures issued by the ministry of health and the scientific committee. The sector we serve is a business line that can cause the virus epidemic to spread to too many people if it is not paid attention. As Bodrum transfer, we look at this issue with great seriousness and care about the health and safety of our valued guests. We have started to make all the preparations we can make in order to offer you transfer services in hygienic environments within the scope of this subject. You can continue to choose our transfer services, which we focus on trust and satisfaction, without any doubt.

As a priority is provided from our operation center, we have reached an agreement with a spraying company with all authorization certificates in order to be able to use our operation center and all our vip transfer vehicles in basement transfer services. Within the scope of this agreement, our operations center will continue to serve again, with certain meticulously, our vehicles that we use in basement transfer services, after each transfer process. We remind our colleagues to pay attention to the hygiene rules within the scope of both the times we serve you and the measures to be taken against the epidemic at rest times. If you want to get more detailed information about the measures we have taken, you can contact us from the communication section.

By separating the vip transfer zone of our vehicles and the front driver's place, we cut the air contact between the two areas against all risks. Seats you will sit in, other services in our vehicle to make you feel special are disinfected for a quality basement transfer service after every transfer service.

Will the measures we take as Bodrum transfers reflect additional costs?

As a result of the measures we have taken, we will not incur any additional costs in the transfer fees we serve you. Our efforts will continue uninterruptedly in the effort to maintain this title that we have won in the eyes of our customers, by serving as the most affordable transfer company in the basement transfer industry for years. What is important to us is that we offer the best quality transfer service to you, our valuable customers, who want to get away from city stress and spend a quiet holiday in Bodrum. Although the corona cases in the basement are almost nonexistent, it is very important for us to keep you away from even the smallest risks.

We ask you to be careful in the titles that you need to pay attention to for your own health and family health in this process. You can find these topics below. We wish you all a healthy day and a nice holiday.

  1. Don't forget to wash your hands frequently
  2. If there is no napkin you want to cough, cough into the elbow.
  3. Avoid touching your face.
  4. Follow the social distance rules.
  5. Stay at home whenever possible.